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Id: 5156

Land for sale/Pervolia

42,141 sq.m.land in Pervolia, Larnaca.

Sale price: on request

Id: 6106

Plot for sale/Pyla

A very large plot of land of a total area of more than 100,000sqm, situated on a slope in Pyla with fantastic views. Building density 60% and 90%, falls...

Sale price: on request

Id: 6844

Land for sale/Oroclini

Oroklini Larnaca Land Plot size: 9142 Square Meters Behind Sveltos Hotel next to lake in Oroklini Larnaca Additional Description: 300 meters from the sea...

Sale price: on request

Id: 6793

Plot for sale/Limassol

Plot for sale in Germasogeia, Limassol, 341sq.m.

Sale price: on request

Id: 2063


Situated on a hillside, amongst forest and mountain terrain, these 16 plots offer unique and unobstructed views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Only a...

Sale price: on request

Id: 5808

Land for sale/Meneou

Land for sale in Meneou, 105,610 sq.m.

Sale price: on request

Id: 6792

Plot for sale/Limassol

Plot for sale in Germasogeia, Limassol, 301sq.m.

Sale price: on request

Id: 6581

Land for sale/Paphos

Land for sale in Panagia village in Paphos, 5,352sq.m., for 12,500 euros.

Sale price: €12,500

Id: 5760

Land for sale/Paphos

A plot of land in Paphos in the location Kato Akourdalia. Total area 1673sqm. Density: 10% Coverage:10% Agricultural zone.

Sale price: €15,000

Id: 5737

Land for sale/Alethrico

Land for sale in Alethrico. No.10/11.706 sq.m., no.251/3.577 sq.m., no.136/7.963 sq.m., no.158/10.368 sq.m., no.15/4.683 sq.m., no.159/5.352 sq.m.,...

Sale price: €27,500

Id: 5712

A plot of land in the Psevdas area of

A plot of land in the Psevdas area of Larnaca district. Area 3,011sqm Only 6% density nd 6% coverage, as it falls in the protected zone.

Sale price: €30,000

Id: 7390

Half plot for sale/Alethriko

Half plot for sale in Alethrico village, for 33,000 euros.

Sale price: €33,000

Id: 2978


Available land from 200sq. m. - 5000sq.m.Due to its perfect location,it is ideal for the construction of showrooms,offices and apartment suites.Good...

Sale price: €34,000

Id: 5457

Land for sale/Aradhippou

Land for sale in Aradhippou, no.82, 4051 sq.m., for 35,000.

Sale price: €35,000

Id: 7495

Land for sale/Hirokitia

Land for sale of total area 642sqm, in Hirokitia village. Zone:H2 Density: 0.9 Coverage: 0.5 Hight: 8.3m

Sale price: €39,000

Id: 7681

Land for sale/Tohni

Land for sale in Tohni village. Total area 4181sqm.

Sale price: €40,000

Id: 7247

Land for sale/ Lefkara

Land of 12,375sqm in Pano Lefkara, on a hill with beautiful views.

Sale price: €40,000

Id: 5385

Land for sale/Athienou

Land for sale in Athienou, 4,683 sq.m., for 40,000.

Sale price: €40,000