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Id: 7490

Building for sale /center

The building is located on the main road Larnaca – Airport. It is build on a plot of 558 sq.m² and the builted area is 1.150 sq.m². The building...

Sale price: €2,450,000

Id: 7013

Investment project /Nicosia

Investment project in Nicosia, Lakatamia. Consists of: Under construction shop. Under construction office on the 3rd floor. 3 flats, 2 years old, with...

Sale price: €2,490,000

Id: 5756

Building for sale/Nicosia

Whole Building for sale in Nicosia which consists of showrooms,apartments and offices. It is located on a main avenue in the Engomi-Makedonitissa area of...

Sale price: €2,500,000

Id: 7025

Investment project for sale/Dhekelia Road

Investment project for sale in the Dhekelia road, 2km from the beach, opposite Palm Beach, consisting of 1 house of 2 bdrm, 8 houses of 3 bdrm and 1 house of...

Sale price: €2,500,000

Id: 7504

Building for sale/Larnaca Centre

Building for sale in Larnaca centre, 1000 sgm covered area, all rented out to medical professionals except the ground floor which is rented to bookmakers....

Sale price: €2,500,000

Id: 7018

Investment project for sale/Dhekelia Road

Investment project for sale in the Dhekelia road, consisting of 8 houses of 2 bdrm each under construction, just 100m from the beach, for 2,500,000.

Sale price: €2,500,000

Id: 7017

Investment project for sale/Larnaca

Investment project for sale consisting of: 11 flats in the Larnaca Centre 2 flats in Oroclini 2 flats in the center of Nicosia 2 houses in the Dhekelia...

Sale price: €2,505,000

Id: 7014

Investment project /Oroclini

Investment project for sale in Oroclini/ Larnaca, consisting of: Under construction: 6 HOUSES 3bdrms Χ €260000 each and 3 HOUSES...

Sale price: €2,520,000

Id: 7020

Investment project for sale/Dhekelia Road

Investment project for sale in the Dhekelia Road, just 100m from the beach, consisting of 4 houses of 2 bdrm, 2 houses of 3 bdrm and 1 house of 4 bdrm.

Sale price: €2,590,000

Id: 7584

Building for sale/Phaneromeni

Block of showroom and offices. Modern Architecture. Top quality materials. Prime location - Lake view. Easy access to airport, motorways and city centre....

Sale price: €2,595,000

Id: 7026

Investment project for sale/Nicosia

Investment project for sale in Nicosia, Latsia, consisting of 2 houses of 3 bdrm and 4 houses of 4 bdrm under construction.

Sale price: €2,600,000

Id: 6987

Investment project

A building of a total area of 2500 sqm in a plot of land of 5000sqm. Part of it, is currently rented out to the Government of Cyprus and part of it to a...

Sale price: €2,750,000

Id: 4620

Commercial Building for Sale, Meneou

A new development of offices and showrooms, situated at Meneou village-Larnaca 2km distance from Larnaca International Airport. The Building is a three...

Sale price: €2,780,000

Id: 6585

Cyprus citizenship qualifying Building

A building situated on one of Larnacas most commercial areas.It consists of offices and shops. This property qualifies for the Cyprus...

Sale price: €2,800,000

Id: 6938

Building for sale/Limassol

Building for sale in Agios Athanasios Limassol, 870sq.m. ground floor, 471sq.m. mezanine, 225sq.m. storage, in a plot of 2913sq.m.

Sale price: €2,890,000

Id: 7870

Building for sale/center

Building for sale on Makarios Avenue. The land is 1063sqm, from which 535sqm have density 200% (1070sqm) and 528swq have density 120% (634sqm) The...

Sale price: €2,900,000

Id: 4849

Commercial Building for sale

A commercial building right in the heart of Larnaca.On the crossroads of one of the main Avenues,and 3 minutes walk to the Finikoudhes Promenade...

Sale price: €2,900,000

Id: 7867

Building for sale/Limassol

Building for sale in Limassol. Being a hotel in its core the project provides within it a hotel apartment permit to apply as a business venture to attract...

Sale price: €3,000,000