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Id: 7018

Investment project for sale/Dhekelia Road

Investment project for sale in the Dhekelia road, consisting of 8 houses of 2 bdrm each under construction, just 100m from the beach, for 2,500,000.

Sale price: €2,500,000

Id: 5756

Building for sale/Nicosia

Whole Building for sale in Nicosia which consists of showrooms,apartments and offices. It is located on a main avenue in the Engomi-Makedonitissa area of...

Sale price: €2,500,000

Id: 7017

Investment project for sale/Larnaca

Investment project for sale consisting of: 11 flats in the Larnaca Centre 2 flats in Oroclini 2 flats in the center of Nicosia 2 houses in the Dhekelia...

Sale price: €2,505,000

Id: 7014

Investment project /Oroclini

Investment project for sale in Oroclini/ Larnaca, consisting of: Under construction: 6 HOUSES 3bdrms Χ €260000 each and 3 HOUSES...

Sale price: €2,520,000

Id: 7020

Investment project for sale/Dhekelia Road

Investment project for sale in the Dhekelia Road, just 100m from the beach, consisting of 4 houses of 2 bdrm, 2 houses of 3 bdrm and 1 house of 4 bdrm.

Sale price: €2,590,000

Id: 7584

Building for sale/Phaneromeni

Block of showroom and offices. Modern Architecture. Top quality materials. Prime location - Lake view. Easy access to airport, motorways and city centre....

Sale price: €2,595,000

Id: 7026

Investment project for sale/Nicosia

Investment project for sale in Nicosia, Latsia, consisting of 2 houses of 3 bdrm and 4 houses of 4 bdrm under construction.

Sale price: €2,600,000

Id: 6987

Investment project

A building of a total area of 2500 sqm in a plot of land of 5000sqm. Part of it, is currently rented out to the Government of Cyprus and part of it to a...

Sale price: €2,750,000

Id: 4620

Commercial Building for Sale, Meneou

A new development of offices and showrooms, situated at Meneou village-Larnaca 2km distance from Larnaca International Airport. The Building is a three...

Sale price: €2,780,000

Id: 6585

Cyprus citizenship qualifying Building

A building situated on one of Larnacas most commercial areas.It consists of offices and shops. This property qualifies for the Cyprus...

Sale price: €2,800,000

Id: 6938

Building for sale/Limassol

Building for sale in Agios Athanasios Limassol, 870sq.m. ground floor, 471sq.m. mezanine, 225sq.m. storage, in a plot of 2913sq.m.

Sale price: €2,890,000

Id: 4849

Commercial Building for sale

A commercial building right in the heart of Larnaca.On the crossroads of one of the main Avenues,and 3 minutes walk to the Finikoudhes Promenade...

Sale price: €2,900,000

Id: 5806

Building for sale/Meneou

The project is located in a new development area in Meneou, a village in Larnaca district, which is only five minutes drive distance from Larnaca...

Sale price: €3,000,000

Id: 4851

Commercial Building for sale

A building available for sale with ready Tenants and a steady income that gives a good return. Located in one of Larnacas main commercial avenues.Consists...

Sale price: €3,200,000

Id: 4576

Two Storey Building, Larnaca Center

This property is located right in the commercial center of Larnaca. The plot has an area of 824 sq. m. and has been used for the construction of a two-story...

Sale price: €3,250,000

Id: 5091

Commercial Building for sale

A commercial building for sale in Larnaca which consists of 6 floors of offices,currently rented out to the Cyprus Government.The rental income is 150,000...

Sale price: €3,800,000

Id: 6367

Investment Project for sale/Limassol

4 level building for sale in Limassol, with a big facade on Paphos Avenue. The building existed in the plot and it is totally refurbished. It consists of 3...

Sale price: €3,800,000

Id: 6156

Shopping centre for sale/Larnaca

Shopping centre for sale in Larnaca. The total area of the building is 2290sq.m. internal and 1020sq.m. the covered parking spaces with the basement. It is...

Sale price: €4,000,000

Rent price: €10,000