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Id: 5386

Land for sale/Akaki

Land for sale in Akaki, Nicosia, 1673 sq.m., with road, electricity and water, 10% building factor, for 45,000.

Sale price: €45,000

Id: 5794

Plot for sale/Psevdas

A plot of land in Psevdas village in Larnaca. Agricultural zone - 10%

Sale price: €50,000

Id: 7647

Plot for sale/Paralimni

1/2 plot for sale in Paralimni, near Lidl. Zone Ka6 Density 0.9 Coverage 0.5 Height 8.3 Floors 2

Sale price: €50,000

Id: 7268

Land for sale/Tersefanou

Land for sale in Tersefanou Village. Can be sold the whole or per donum. Prices start from 50,000 euros.

Sale price: €50,000

Id: 5231

Land for sale/Anglisides

Land for sale, Anglisides, 1673 sq.m., next to the building zone, for 50,000 euro.

Sale price: €50,000

Id: 7071

Plot for sale/Lefkara

Plot in Lefkara, of 511 sqm.

Sale price: €50,000

Id: 5979

Land for sale/Ahna

10368sqm of land in Ahna village, agricultural zone. Density 0% Coverage 0%

Sale price: €50,000

Id: 5379

Land for sale/Aradhippou

Land for sale in Aradhippou, 2918 sq.m., for 55,000.

Sale price: €55,000

Id: 7286

Land for sale/Ormidhia

Land for sale in Ormidhia, 6690sq.m., for 55,000 euros.

Sale price: €55,000

Id: 6103

Plot for sale/Kiti

A half building site of 279sqm, situated in Kiti village, near shops and Larnaca International airport and close to Pervolia beach. Density 90% Coverage...

Sale price: €55,000

Id: 7627

Land for sale/Kalavasos

Land for sale in Kalavasos village, with title deeds, 14,716 sq.m.

Sale price: €55,000

Id: 5233

Land for sale/Anglisides

Land for sale, in Anglisides, 3345 sq.m. for 55,000 euro.

Sale price: €55,000

Id: 6935

Land for sale/Alethrico

Land for sale in Alethrico village, Larnaca. 4,683 sq.m. - 11,706 sq.m. Prices start from 58,300 - 168,300 euros.

Sale price: €58,300

Id: 5745


Family land in Aradhippou-Larnaca, 1793sqm.

Sale price: €60,000

Id: 5450

Land for sale/Aradhippou

Land for sale, in Aradhippou, no.472, 1742 sq.m., for 60,000.

Sale price: €60,000

Id: 7050

Plot for sale/Livadhia

Plot for sale in Livadhia Larnaca, 328sq.m., 90%, for 60,000 euros.

Sale price: €60,000

Id: 6660

Plot for sale/Nicosia

A plot with title, 665 square meters located at Analiontas village. It is 400 meters above sea height, in a newly developed area. There are trees in the plot.

Sale price: €60,000

Id: 7280

Plot for sale/Livadhia

A plot of land of a total size 285sq.m. near Livadhia, in a nice residential location. Buildable area: 228sq.m.

Sale price: €63,000