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Id: 4546

Prime location land,plot Sha

772sqm plot in a prime location in Sha village.

Sale price: €80,000

Id: 7469

Plots for sale/Kiti

3 plots for sale in Kiti village with title deeds. 557sq.m. - 632sq.m. Price: 80,000 - 95,000 euros.

Sale price: €80,000

Id: 4831

Land for sale

Land for sale of total size 1959 sqm,in Aradhippou.

Sale price: €80,000

Id: 5753

Plots for sale/Kalo Horio

Plots for sale in Kalo Horio, 532 sq.m. - 1,362 sq.m. Prices start from 80,000 euro.

Sale price: €80,000

Id: 5390

Land for sale/Aradhippou

Land for sale in Aradhippou, in the village in the building zone, 842 sq.m. for 80,000.

Sale price: €80,000

Id: 2837

Land Xylophagou

Land Xylophagou

Sale price: €80,000

Id: 7721

Plots for sale/Pyla

Plots in Pyla for sale. Size from 520sqm - 1281sqm. Prices from 83,000 - 217,000.

Sale price: €83,000

Id: 7623

Plots for sale/Oroclini

9 individual plots IN OROKLINI with individual title deeds for sale Ideal for building your own custom villa or as an investment.

Sale price: €84,000

Id: 7624

Land for sale/Psematismenos

Land for sale in Psematismenos village, with title deeds, 2,676sq.m.

Sale price: €85,000

Id: 7701

Plots for sale/Kiti

3 plots for sale situated off the main road towards Kiti. In a nice new build area 300 meters from the Main Street and all amenities. Plots 1432, 1433 and...

Sale price: €85,000

Id: 4957

Plots Alethrico

Ready,recently completed building plots in Alethrico village of Larnaca.Located near the village,where all amenities are available,and approximately 2 km...

Sale price: €85,000

Id: 5232

Land for sale/Anglisides

Land for sale in Anglisides, 2676 sq.m., 85,000 euro.

Sale price: €85,000

Id: 5536

Land for sale/Pano Lefkara

Agricultural plot of land in Pano Lefkara, 9031 sq.m., for 90,000.

Sale price: €90,000

Id: 3515

Land property in agricultural zone


Sale price: €90,000

Id: 5489

Plot for sale/Oroclini

380 sq.m. plot in Oroclini, 90%, for 90,000 euro.

Sale price: €90,000

Id: 5588

Plot for sale/Oroclini

Plot for sale in Oroclini village, 600sqm, 90%.

Sale price: €90,000

Id: 6495

Plot for sale/Aradhippou

An agricultural plot of land in Aradhippou of a total area of 2309sqm with a building density of 10%

Sale price: €90,000

Id: 2062

REDUCED €135,400 - 94,780

Situated on a hillside, amongst forest and mountain terrain, these 16 plots offer unique and unobstructed views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Only a...

Sale price: €94,780