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New project in Larnaca


  Larnaca - the third largest city on the coast of Cyprus. In the heart of that beautiful city is a large marina for high-speed boats. Famous Phinikoudes beach is located in the central part of town. This is one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus, with calm water and gentle entrance to the sea. It is surrounded by tall palm trees planted in 1922 and a lot of bars and restaurants. On the outskirts of Larnaca, near the international airport, there is a nice beach in Mackenzie area. All the beaches are marked with "Blue Flag" for the clear waters. At the end of August, the large-scale reconstruction of the resort territory. The works which will take 18 months for completion and it will connects the coastal area of Phinikoudes with Mackenzie Beach and the main avenue to the airport.
  For repairs allocated 7.8 million euro, the project is co-financed by the EU Regional Development Fund, the Government and the Municipality of Larnaca. The works include the construction of coastal new sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings and ramps for the disabled persons, the installation of modern street lighting, landscaping, as well as repair of rainwater. It will be a great development project in Larnaca…