Repairing or renovating, in the same manner as building of a new house, is a complex and labour-intense task, requiring involvement of various experts. Our associates are prepared to help you make a major overhaul of your building quickly and with quality.

We offer you the following services:

  • Supply of floor-plans for an existing building
  • Supply of plans for the dismantling and redesigning

Estimation for the construction and the decorative works

  • Creation of plans for  engineering and technical works.
  • Electricity and communication installation (wiring, sockets, aerials, telephone lines, etc)
  • Water supply and drainage installation
  • Plumbing equipment and bathroom accessories installation
  • Heating and air-conditioning installation
  • Purchase and delivery of construction and decorative materials
  • Complete supervision of the building renovation process
Your query will be examined in the duration of a few hours.
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