Positive Messages For Cyprus


Positive messages about the future of the economy resulting from the business conference «Global Russia Business Meeting 2013», according to an announcement by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), which is hosting the conference which began yesterday and concludes today in Limassol.
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During the dinner cited yesterday, the speakers expressed their belief that Cyprus can recover quickly from the crisis and continue to offer attractive package of benefits to foreign investors. It was stressed that the investment is the engine of growth and ensure employment growth.
Speaking from the floor of Congress, the President of CIPA Angastiniotis Christodoulos stated that "the restart of the economy passes through attracting foreign investment and in this direction should the State, the State, the business world and each of us to contribute positively to the upgrade of the island's economy. We will do whatever it takes to make Cyprus a powerful business center, more efficient, more flexible, more competitive, more transparent procedures in relation to investment and business more broadly. "
President Horasis Global Visions Community, Dr. Frank Richter, said that "Cyprus has a great advantage, the widespread use of English and the multi-governance, which is based on standards of UK are accepted by the wider business community. If Cyprus posed herself as a versatile hub of the Middle East and North Africa, could pave the way link together with the European Union and therefore play the role of a specific state within Europe. Could become a hub for emerging countries (BRICS nations).
O Mr. Richter said he believed that "many Russians will stay on the island. Do not just come for financial transactions or other business needs, but appreciate the cultural similarity, such as the orthodox religious beliefs. "
On his part, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow, the Russian Business Council V. Kuzovlev said: "I understand the current economic situation is quite difficult. However, if you learn from our recent experiences they have demonstrated the requisite patience and perseverance, I have no doubt that we will manage to overcome the difficulties. I am sure that with determination and dynamism Anastasiadis president and his government, the Cyprus will succeed. Russia has vast experience in managing financial crises and you can share our experiences. "
The Congress will discuss and present topics on Russia and global influence, sustainability and development, assessment of risks and opportunities in the investment environment, developing energy infrastructure and resources as well as issues related to tourism.
The thematic sessions of the conference about the challenges and opportunities we are facing the Russian economy to international investment environment, the role of Cyprus as an international business and prospects for closer cooperation between Cyprus and Russia.
The conference is held under the auspices of the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, and is organized by the organization Horasis Global Visions Community.