Golf in Cyprus



Cyprus it is not only a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, but also a famous golf resort. Breathtaking landscape and great location in the green hills and valleys attract a great number of both, local players and visitors of the island. All clubs have golf academies, service centres, shops selling expensive luxury gear of the world's leading brands, comfortable restaurants with excellent cuisine, spa. These clubs are also a venue for open championships, charity tournaments and social events. Services of professional trainers are provided.
Recently, the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus started paying great attention to the development of golf on the island. They have planned the construction of twelve exclusive golf resorts with developed infrastructure. These clubs will be constructed based on design by famous architects and golf course designers and feature the latest irrigation systems.
Anyone could become a pioneer in golfing and gain access to the rich aristocratic traditions. One should only start with a small bit – with the first hit in the hole.