Health services in Cyprus


Cyprus priority provides to health care system and actively promotes preventive medicine. Many medical professionals are foreign trained particularly in the United Kingdom. Cyprus health care system is being trusted not only by local residents but also by other foreign nationals who come to Cyprus for health reasons.Medical care Cyprus presented the latest medical equipment, located in public hospitals and private clinics. Foreign nationals residing in Cyprus, provided medical care in hospitals at low prices. Tourists will have a free emergency medical care in the departments of public hospitals or other medical facilities.

Inpatient or outpatient treatment is provided for a fee. It is best to advance, that is before you go out health insurance. Reception of the hotel where you are, will cause an ambulance or a doctor. As for sanitation, any additional immunizations are required to visit the island. Tap water is suitable for consumption.

In Cyprus, a very pleasant climate, but it is worth to take special skin care. Before you go to the island, be sure to consult with your doctor as well as in any other country with a different climate.

Cyprus is considered the best resort in the world, and the world's best place to stay in retirement, not only because of the climate. The treatment here is immediately used by modern medical equipment, provided a high level of patient care. In Cyprus, there is no long wait consultations and analysis, is highly qualified and experienced doctors, who were trained in Europe or the U.S., modern medical centers with equipment for resuscitation. Prices are lower in comparison with other countries. Cost of medical care is covered by most major insurance companies.

Cyprus is well developed cosmetic surgery. For years, the island has arrived a lot of English, who in addition to beach holidays, happy to use health services. This is due to good service, privacy, and more affordable than in the UK prices.


Medical care and Hospitals Cyprus.

If necessary, go to the hospital in Cyprus. When calling the ambulance - a survey and first aid - for free. If the fracture - will make plaster, if poisoning - promoyut if injury - x-rays, if the temperature - will pills and medicines.


Apollonion Private Hospital, Nicosia - Tel:  +357 22350022

Archbishop Makarios III Hospital, Nicosia - Tel: +357 22493600

Nicosia General Hospital, Nicosia - Tel: +357 22801400


Larnaca New Hospital, Larnaca - Tel: +357 24630300

Larnaca Hospital, Larnaca - Tel:  +357 24630312


Limassol New Hospital, Limassol - Tel:  +357 25330333

Limassol Hospital, Limassol - Tel:  +357 25330777

Kyperounta Hospital: Tel:  +357 25 53 20 21


Paphos Hospital, Paphos - Tel:  +357 26940111


Paralimni Hospital: Tel:  +357 23 82 12 11


Polis Hospital: Tel:  +357 26 32 14 31