Inspection Visit


 "Investia” is kindly inviting you to visit Cyprus and to see with your own eyes our beautiful Mediterranean Island. We can offer a 3 day tour for you to experience the country lifestyle, choose and buy the property.

You will be greeted at the airport and accommodated in one of the best hotels in Larnaca. Your personal agent will show you various real estate property options. We try to pick the best options according to your wishes and budget. You will also have an opportunity to learn about nature, see the sights and discover the hospitality of our island.

If you find your ideal property and decide to purchase,a sales contract directly with the developer or owner of the property can be signed during your tour. Our company will assist you with all necessary legal matters.  All documents for registration of the property will be prepared in strict accordance with the laws of Cyprus.

Please email us for further details regarding Inspection Tours.

"Investia" services are free for everyone looking to buy or to rent.

  •     Advice on buying property in Cyprus
  •     Promoting your property for sale or lease
  •     Looking after your property during your absence
  •     Property insurance
  •     Arrangement of  Inspection Tours
  •     Legal advice
  •     Assistance in setting up and registration of companies and representative offices
  •     Legal services, auditing, accounting, taxation
  •     Assistance in most government institutions in the country
  •     Assistance in obtaining visas and residence permits, according to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus
  •     Assistance in opening bank accounts and advice on credit and mortgages
  •     Connecting to a telephone, electricity, water, internet network, satellite antenna
  •     Tips on hiring staff
  •     Assistance with health care and insurance
  •     Customized repair and reconstruction
  •     Help in preparation of interior design, landscaping, etc. to your site
  •     Help with buying furniture, appliances, accessories, curtains, etc.
  •     Help in purchasing a car and arranging the insurance.
  •     Assistance in finding a kindergarden, school or college

P.S.   And, of course, familiarizing with all the basic infrastructure of the country:guiding to: good restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment and shopping centers in their free time

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