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International students make up a third of all students studying inCyprus. Here you can learn almost everything: management and marketing, economics and electronics, education and medicine, psychology and philology, computer science, architecture and design, the arts, including music, drama and fine, philology, psychology and, of course, hotel and tourism business.

One of the most famous universities in Cyprusis theUniversity of Cyprus-Cypriot State University. Almost all of his students - Cypriots and necessarily speak Turkish or Greek.

Intercollege - the largest and most prestigious privatecollege o fCyprus, which has accreditation in the EU. His academic buildings and campuses are located in Limassol,Nicosiaand Larnaca. In the campus has everything a student needs to study and life - science labs, libraries and the Internet, as well as many free student interest clubs - computer, archaeological, music, drama, photography and film club, dance, and sports clubs. And to ensure that the student does not go hungry, every campus has shops, cafes, snack bars and cheap restaurants.

Go to Intercollege, as well as in the majority of Cypriot academic institutions does not take much for the configured for study applicants. For this he needs to have a certificate of graduation from high school, or any other document that corresponds to this certificate, and to pass the tests that determine the level of English as teaching in higher education institutions inCyprusis in English. If the applicant's English is not perfect, it is in parallel with studies in the first semester may attend college working at special English classes. But after college or institution other than skills development, the graduate will not only be free to communicate in English, but also to operate all necessary professional terms.

Many students inCypruscan easily find a place where they could earn some money while studying. But you should know that international students who are not citizens of the EU countries can get to work only six months after the arrival in Cyprusand theCypruslaw, can not work more than twenty hours a week during the study period and more than thirty-eight hours a week during the holidays. However, this time is enough to successfully combine the hours of study with a good opportunity to earn extra money.

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