Cyprus Estate Investment



Cyprus Estate Investment. Real estate acquisition has always been one of the best types of investment. Purchasing property in a “Paradise” place is a particularly pleasant investment, moreover, if it is located in Cyprus.

The Government of Cyprus is strongly in favour of attracting foreign direct investment in all areas: real estate or construction, IT, shipping,the energy sector, water industry and tourism, in addition in some cases it also provides significant financial support.

In view of the global financial crisis and economic slowdown in Europe, prices of real estate in Cyprus decreased by 5-10 %, providing unique opportunities for investors and buyers. “Investia Exclusive Property” recommends considering investing in high-quality new buildings of high comfort, luxury properties, factories,hotels and other kind of business

Tourism is another great investment opportunity. Construction of hotels, restaurants, golf courses, theme parks, world-class yacht clubs, sporting and entertainment facilities, circuses ( there is no circus in Cyprus yet!) will bring a solid and steady income.

"Investia" has a great selection of plots of land, among which the most attractive are located at the sea shore, in the mountains, as well as in the most picturesque corners of Cyprus.

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