Why Cyprus

The Mediterranean climate and environmental safety, low crime rates and stable legal system, this is all about Cyprus. It has European standards of living and friendly attitude towards foreigners, both by the state and by the ordinary Cypriots. Moreover, Cyprus is located in between Europe, Asia and Africa, and separated from Russia only by a three hour flight.

Cyprus properties owners face no difficulties in receiving a one year multi-entry visa to visit the island. The Cypriot Government has introduced a number of new rules concerning third-country nationals and their right for residency permits or even Cypriot citizenship, when they own a property on the island.

The average growth rate of the Cypriot property value is 15% per year. In the future, when the owner decides to put his/her property on sale, there will be no restrictions applied while exporting the profit from the country.

Cyprus properties continue to remain highly liquid commodity as Cyprus remains a place of tourist destinations. Additionally, you can lease your house, villa or apartment and get extra income. Also it makes sense to sign a contract regarding post-sale property services, i.e. cleaning, repairs, security, etc.

Access to mortgage loans on favorable conditions is open in Cypriot banks. Usually banks can provide with a credit of up to 70% of the property price and its cost will be between 4.5% and 7% a year.

Cyprus provides with wide opportunities for starting and doing business. Cyprus Economy is developing mostly due to the international businesses using the island as a base for their operations. The 10% tax on profits for the International Business Corporations is the lowest in Europe.