Custom Build House in Cyprus


Custom Build House in Cyprus. A special individual project, just for you only!

Your new home is where all your ideas, even those that seem absolutely unachievable, will find its real implementation, where your individual taste will be reflected in the luxurious interior design and comfort with high technology materials.The most important step is the purchase of a plot of land. Our company has a great selection of  plots , among which the most attractive are located at the sea shore, in the mountains, as well as in the most picturesque corners of Cyprus. 

Company "Investia" works only with the best architects. We are proud that our customers are always happy,and we could recommend civil engineers and architects that will make your secret dreams come true.

When you choose an architect, you will receive:

•  Architectural plans
•  Approval of the project by the District Office and Municipality
•  Construction-building permit

All projects are developed individually and in accordance with the existing Cyprus Law.

The following step would be the choice of a reliable construction company. "Investia  Property Consultants" has been  in the Cyprus property market for more than 40 years, and for more than twenty years it was specializing in building private homes. It cooperates with the best, the most reliable , construction companies.

We will help you navigate through and to choose a company that meets the following criteria to build your house:

•  High professionalism
•  High-quality technical equipment
•  Strict compliance with construction deadlines
•  Strict quality control of construction works
•  Use of the latest technologies
• Top-quality construction and finishing materials

Amongst others the architects duties are the following:

•  Obtaining a building permit
•  Obtaining a certificate for construction in accordance with the existing plan
•  Doing all the paperwork related to changes during construction
•  Filling in forms and registration of electricity and water supplies
•  Receiving a title (a document confirming the ownership).

Designers and architects we work with, we fully and unconditionally trust, they are top-class experts and they will make your home unique.

They could offer you the following services:

•  Develop a plan of interior design
•  Develop engineering and technical part of your project (heating, utilities, water,  air conditioning)
•  Select, purchase,  construction and finishing materials
•  Implement interior Decorating
•  Elaborate landscape design
•  Assist in choossing furniture, curtains, paintings, lightning and other parts of interior design

When using services provided by our company, you can get discounts on:

•  Finishing materials
•  Plumbing equipment
•  Furniture
•  Lighting
•  Textiles

Highly qualified and experienced experts will be happy to assist you in matters such as:

•  Design individual landscape for your plot of land
•  Create original ornamental ideas
•  Install automatic watering system
•  Plant trees and
•  Arrange appropriate lightning for your garden

Also, our associate experts can help design and construct additional buildings on your land such as:

•  Tennis courts and playgrounds
•  Ponds and pools
•  Saunas
•  BBQs

Custom Build House in Cyprus. We can offer a wide selection of perennials, ornamental trees and shrubs. With our individual approach,and follow-up care your house will be surrounded by a flourishing garden very soon!